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Welcome to my blog, where I document my travels and learnings around the world.
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Bienvenidos a mi blog, donde documento mis viajes y aprendizajes alrededor del mundo.
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How to travel with just a carry-on luggage!

How to travel with just a carry-on luggage!

The biggest condition to fly at the lowest cost around the world is to just travel with a carry-on luggage or baggage. This has been done for years by the crew members so isn't such a hard thing to do, is more about learning how to travel just with the really necessary things.

Each airline has different carry-on rules for size and weight, this is a really important information you will have to look at before packing. Sometimes this information is in your reservation ticket or you will have to look for it in Google, just do a search like "carry-on luggage name of the airline" or "carry-on baggage name of the airline", and you will have to find the link that talks about the size and weight allowance. Here is a link with a carry-on size chart that even it doesn't has all the airlines in the world is a good example o how much they change between each one. 

Something you can already guess is that the size or dimensions doesn't change that much between airlines but weight does. It isn't so hard to find out a carry-on luggage that can fit almost every size, but weight and having enough space is really the struggle when deciding what to buy.

After doing a lot of research and looking for the perfect luggage to travel all around the world, I found the perfect carry-on luggage for the world traveler and digital nomad: Standard Luggage Co. this luggage has a size that will fit any airline, allows you the maximum space for your things and is easy to bring anywhere without struggle, it also can expand its size so you can work out different weights which is incredible.

Once you have the perfect carry-on luggage for you, you need to pack and this is really where lot of people struggle, because usually with big luggage you pack clothes, or things you didn't even use while you travel and there is no space for that kind of mistakes while traveling with a carry-on bag. 

Where to start?

Clothes: The first thing to consider of which clothes you need to pack is the weather of where you are traveling. Is something basic but I've met people during my trips that had to buy and throw out clothes because of this. Check if you will travel to the northern or southern hemisphere (yes when it is cold in the north it will be warm in the south and vice versa), also check for rainy or warm seasons, etc. Once you know the weather you can choose the clothes you need. And as a big recommendation always bring more underwear and socks than shirts, shorts, jeans, jackets, swimsuits, etc. The other really important thing is bring some comfortable shoes, any globetrotter knows that is the secret to walk everywhere and get to know the world. Big clothes, like jeans, jackets, bring them on while flying, that way they wont occupy to much space in your luggage. Clothes will take around 70%-75% of all your carry-on luggage. 

Another important recommendation for packing your clothes is to use a Packing Cubes which allows you to organize your clothes and make the best use of space to fit more clothes, also it can help to separate used of clean clothes.

Liquids: You can only bring a ziploc bag with liquid and gel containers inside with less than 3.4 ounces or 100ml each one. This is called the 3-1-1 Liquids Rule. Shampoo, deodorant, lotion, toothpaste, sunscreen it's ok to bring, but it doesn't applies to alcohol or water. You can find this sizes of major brands in almost any supermarket, pharmacy or even in some airports. While going through security of any country they will ask you to take out the liquids ziploc bag in the screening area, so always leave them in an easy access of your carry-on luggage, and always bring more ziploc bags in case you break it or there is a spill. Also a good tip is that powders like foot powder can be in other containers without restriction. The liquids would just take 10% of the space of your carry-on luggage.

Electronics: You will want to take some memories of your amazing trips while traveling, it is really common to bring a laptop, a camera or sports camera, your smartphone, some headphones or bluetooth speaker while traveling. Myself I've been around just with an smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, sports camera: Go Pro Hero4 Silver and headphones Bose. Don't take to much electronics or technology unless you will really use it a lot during your trip. Electronics can take around 15% of your carry-on luggage but will depend what you wish to bring.

Documentation: Don't forget to bring your passport, reservations, some money, and this usually doesn't take any space at all.

Others: Depending on how and where you will travel there will always be special things you need to bring, for example if you are going to stay in hostels, you usually need to bring a towel, my recommendation is take a travel towel of microfiber that occupies the space of a shirt: http://go-travelproducts.com/health-comforts/toiletetries/body-towel-l or if you travel in a rainy season maybe a small umbrella: http://davekny.com/products/the-davek-mini, sunglasses, flip flops, etc... just remember choose the things you will really do a constant use while you travel.


Traveling with a carry-on luggage will allow you to travel at the lowest cost and also because you will always be with your bag you won't miss it or loose it, but another big recommendation is to have your luggage with locks at all times for security, that way you avoid being robbed while sleeping or using the toilet in a flight.

With this recommendations now yo are ready to pack and travel all around the world! Bon voyage!

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