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Welcome to my blog, where I document my travels and learnings around the world.
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Bienvenidos a mi blog, donde documento mis viajes y aprendizajes alrededor del mundo.
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Around the World in 45 Days

Around the World in 45 Days

On 2016 I decided to fulfill my dream to travel around the world and do it only in 45 days. Many questions arose when completing this project and I decided to share the most important tips in this post.

How the idea was borned?

In the early days of 2016 my brother who also likes to travel shared a post from our friends of Vuela a la Vida where they talked about the possibility of buying several flights to go around the world from Mexico and with 9 destinations at a low cost Of $ 1,158 USD: http://vuelaalavida.com/vueltaalmundo/

Promo Vuela a la Vida

It is important to clarify that Vuela a la Vida is not a travel agency and does not sell airline tickets, they simply share the offers you find from airlines or flight search engines, so you should buy tickets at the airline sites or search engines one by one.

Second is that many of these fares are with low-cost airlines and do not include luggage to check or food and beverages on the flight, you must read the conditions of the fare very well as they also usually do not include flight change costs, These deals are for traveling alone with hand luggage around the world, about this I explain more in my post: The Cheapest Flights Worldwide

When did you decide to travel around the World?

The two main factors in deciding to travel for several weeks or months around the world are money and time.

In terms of money, flights can be very cheap as in the example of Vuelta a la Mundo de Vuela a la Vida, on accommodation there are cheap options like Hostels, Airbnb or even free as Couchsurfing or exchange temporary jobs per lodging. I explain more of it on my article: Hotel? Hostel? Airbnb or Sofa? And on daily expenses the secret is to make use of applications like Foursquare to enjoy the best local food or nightlife at affordable prices based on recommendations from others and for tours use sites such as Groupon in the countries you visit and thus obtain discounts. For those who travel very long periods around the world, it is said that it is not a daily basis to eat out or to make excursions but part of traveling is to live as a local and with it having expenses similar to those that one has at home in the day to day.

The second variable to consider is time, and for many, the most complicated, since we are always living under the pressure of work and responsibilities in the home, family, etc. But I have to say that I highly recommend negotiating with your company to get permission to go away for a long period or take advantage of a change of company or cycle to just travel for several weeks or months because the benefits you get in reducing stress, increasing levels of happiness, expand your vision, culture, generate friendships no matter the distance ... makes of traveling one of the best investments in our present.


In my case I made an estimate of expenses based on the flights I wanted to buy, hostels in which I would stay and a daily budget of expenses (food, transportation and tours) with which I discovered that it was possible to carry out the project with my savings. So I decided to stop working to enjoy to the maximum and without worries this experience and immediately began to book flights because with each day of indecision the costs will increase. Although it is important to book quickly, I invite you to investigate destinations (time, activities) and accommodations to make your trip unique and unforgettable.

What places did you visit and how did you decide them?

There were 15 cities I decided to visit on my around the world trip:

Mexico City - Forth Lauderdale - Copenhagen - Stockholm - Oslo - Bangkok - Ko Phangan - Phuket - Ko Phi Phi - Kuala Lumpur - Tokyo - Melbourne - Honolulu - Maui - San Francisco - Mexico City

All the places that I chose, I did not visited them previously and I was choosing them both for cost of flights, as for temporality and curiosity to know them, for example in Thailand I decided to be for New Year or Songkran and for the Full Moon party; in Tokyo I was fortunate enough to attend sumo tournaments and spring festivals, but I chose only places with warm weather to make it easier to pack.

What was your favorite destination?

Firstly I would put Thailand as it is a country with many natural resources, delicious food, cheerful people and some of the best beaches and islands I have visited... all at very low costs. I shared a video summary of my experience in this wonderful country.

In second place I will choose Hawaii, it is also a magical place although of higher cost and in third place would be Japan that is without a doubt the country with the greater cultural shock. In the coming days I will be sharing the summaries of each of the cities and countries I visited.

What was your favorite experience?

There were several incredible moments in this trip, but I would highligh the interactions with animals like tigers and elephants in Thailand or swimming with wild dolphins in Honolulu, it is important to know with which organizations approach for a good treatment to these species. I recommend living them in person to be able to recommend or denounce them if you experience any abuse.

Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins

How much did you spend on your trip?

Many have asked me if I am a millionaire, or where I got so much money to travel. As I said before, money is a variable to consider when traveling the world, but not the most important, without a doubt the time is more important since as I said there are many ways to reduce costs both flights and especially lodging or exchange simple jobs for lodging or money to continue traveling. In my case the total cost of the project was $ 5,000 USD, including flights, food, lodging, tours, parties, etc ... but certainly could be a much lower cost. I recommend you see it as an investment where instead of buying objects will acquire experiences and unforgettable moments.

Travel Money

Why only 45 days?

During this trip I met many travelers and globetrotters who were like me traveling around the world or traveling across continents and the vast majority did it in months even years. Many of them working for seasons in the hostels themselves, and minimizing their expenses by experiencing more local life than making high-cost tours and is a great way to get to know the world as there is a lot to see. Many of these characters could not believe that I was doing this project in just 45 days.

And in itself I chose to do it in only 45 days since on this trip I experience traveling and making all my decisions with a smartphone and internet. A day before arriving at my destination I checked the activities to do, the weather, the best restaurants and bars and that way I created my agenda almost in real time, so when I did outdoor activities it was when there was an excellent weather, or in Rainy days visited museums or closed places, I managed to buy discount tours on time and even incredible tours that many other low budget travelers even months in a place did not experience. This way of traveling is very intense, but without a doubt for me it was very rewarding making my stay in each place almost perfect and making the most of the 45 days traveling. That is why I defined myself as a digital traveler or digital nomad.

I hope to have answered several of your doubts in this post and any other question is more than welcome. There are already several people who have been encouraged if not to travel around the world at least visit places that they admire or have dreamed of, with the recommendations that I have given and hope to inspire many more.

Bon voyage!

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