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Welcome to my blog, where I document my travels and learnings around the world.
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Bienvenidos a mi blog, donde documento mis viajes y aprendizajes alrededor del mundo.
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Welcome Game of Thrones Fans

Welcome Game of Thrones Fans

The last 8 years I’ve witnessed the best TV series of all times, of course we are talking about Game of Thrones.

Why is the greatest TV serie ever? They have a huge amount of characters all with a great character development, the turnovers have always surprised everyone, they have won a stunning amount of awards, also have some of the best rated episodes in the history of tv series in different seasons and of course is filmed in awesome locations mostly in Europe and North Africa.

I’m a big fan as you, and during these 8 years, I’ve been sharing Game of Thrones videos with my followers, so I will leave the top rated videos here so everyone can enjoy!

The Last of the Starks

The tragedy, union and rise of the Stark family.

Duty is the Death of Love

The tragic end of A Song of Ice and Fire or Game of Thrones:

Everything We’ve Been Through

Recap of the most important characters that will join during the battle of Winterfell in S8XE02

Brief Recap of Season 1 - 7

Get pumped with this brief recap of all the 7 seasons of Game of Thrones

John Snow: The Targaryen Wolf

The favorite character of Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones Locations

Where to find Game of Thrones film locations

Game of Thrones show in The Bellagio, Las Vegas

HBO kicked off the Game of Thrones water show at the iconic Bellagio las Vegas fountain, as part of the promotion to the premiere of the series. This show will be available until April 13 of 2019.

Any other recommendation is welcome.

Valar morghulis!

Lo Mejor de la Ciudad de México

Lo Mejor de la Ciudad de México