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Welcome to my blog, where I document my travels and learnings around the world.
 Hope you have a nice stay!


Bienvenidos a mi blog, donde documento mis viajes y aprendizajes alrededor del mundo.
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The Cheapest Flights Worldwide

The Cheapest Flights Worldwide

How did my decision of traveling around the world in 45 days started? Well, it all started when I discovered that I could afford really cheap flights all around the world with different low budget airlines or chasing the best promotions using one tool: www.kiwi.com

Kiwi.com it's a search flight engine that allows you to do flight searches from one city or airport to another like any other similar website in the world, but also it allows you to just choose your city and then have a look to the best deals to almost any part in the world using also a range of time. That way you can get impress of the prices you can get to flight worldwide. It's important to consider that there are many low cost airlines in this engine, so maybe you won't know some of them. This post isn't publicity for kiwi.com, you can also use the tool to decide which flight you want to buy and later on buy it directly in the airline websites if that makes you feel more confortable. 

 This is another post about low flight airlines and how to choose them wisely: Choosing Low Cost Airlines.

Now I know this sounds awesome and kind of easy but there is some rules to travel using this low cost airlines so it really becomes cheap:

1.- Usually the lowest price will always be economy class without any benefit such as check-in baggage, choose a sit, have a meal or even a drink in the flight (not even water sometimes), also it's common it doesn't consider miles to win too. So with this said have a good read of what you are buying every time and consider you will have some more expenses later on.

2.- The second biggest recommendation is learn to travel with just one backpack. Not a check in bag, I mean only a carry-on bag and this means a smaller bag than the traditional backpacks for travelers, because you will need to make it fit with low cost airlines carry-on rules (size and weight). That is the second biggest consideration when buying low cost flights, size and weight of carry-on changes from each airline and if you don't have a carry-on bag with the low cost airlines rules that is the highest extra cost you will pay and sometimes it can be almost the same cost as the flight you bought. My best tip in this issue, use a bag that fits every airline in the world like the one made by Standard Luggage Co, that way you just have to worry about the weight.

3.- Learn to travel with just the right amount of things you really need. Even this is related to the size and weight of a check-in bag, this is the biggest main reason to pay the lowest cost while traveling, avoid loosing your luggage, or missing a flight; for more details on how to pack your carry-on luggage check this other post: How to Travel with just a Carry-on Luggage


So with this said, maybe cheap flight traveling isn't for everyone, but if you like adventures and to explore without carrying to much things then you can get to know the world in the must affordable price.

This is what I've done in the past months, and also this website is made with the memories of my trips where I only had one carry-on bag, a good smartphone for amazing pictures: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and a GoPro for my adventure videos. So yes it can be done!

Los Vuelos Más Baratos Para Recorrer El Mundo

Los Vuelos Más Baratos Para Recorrer El Mundo